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What Work Can A Male Model Get?

This is the Question I am asked all the time ... What work is out there for Male Models?... the sort of  paid Modelling Work available for Males is not as easy to get as it is for females to get paid modelling work; but work for male models can include any of the following: Modelling in Mail Order Catalogues, Advertsing on Posters, Adverts/Photos in Magazines such as "FHM", "Mens Health", "Attitude" etc. etc., Appearing in TV Commercials, Music Videos, Websites, Fashion/Clothes Modelling, Hand & Feet Modelling for adverts, mail order catalogues, and website adverts such as for shoes, watches, jewellery etc. also modelling on nighclub flyers, and of course "glamour modelling" just as a newspaper Page 3 girl showing certain parts of her naked body!


For "Catwalk" Modelling, such as walking down a catwalk in London, Paris or New York leading clothes designers tend to use Male Models who are 6 foot 2 inches to 6 foot 4 inches tall, as they feel this is the best height to show off clothes at their best! ... Top Model Agencies who feature on my Website who specialise in Male & Female Catwalk Models are - "Models 1":  - "Select" - "Storm":


We have just been in contact with a Company looking for Guys in Notingham with toned atheletic bodies and a good personality. They are offering part time work for semi naked butlering at hen parties and for "Girls Nights" in PR Events etc. - it pays £20 per hour - this job really does sound like loads of fun! - Get in touch for more details but we will need a photo of you first. 


Want to know more about Modelling?

Phone or E-Mail us! Or Call/Text: 07930 131162 or Call our London Studio in Camden on: 0207 617 7843


It is worth remembering that it is hard to get anybody paid Modelling work so we suggest that if you want to be a model (male or feamle) it is important to show some of your body as well as your face. It is hard to get people modelling work who think they will make thousands of pounds just showing their face alone! ... look at the many famous Pop Stars nowadays who tend to look sexy to sell their music!


Another Company promoting work in the Modelling field, who also get work in TELEVISION & FILMS, such as work for TV extras, Film extras, extras in the background for music videos, and walk on parts is: - in fact it may be worth joining their mailing list as they have a lot of jobs available all the time, although i can't see too much talk of money being offered!! - but i am sure it is lots of fun and could lead to more work and contacts. Here are examples of some of the jobs they had available to their members, (although the "CLICK HERE TO APPLY" links will not work through my website)



Channel 4 needs people for the brand new series of Shipwrecked 
Do you want to be shipwrecked on a beautiful desert island in the South Pacific, just like the people on Celebrity Love Island? Channel 4 is looking for fun and lively people aged 18 - 23 who want the chance to win a huge cash prize and to be involved with Channel 4's hottest show.


Appear in the new Eurostar advertising campaign
People of all shapes and sizes with "expressive faces" are required to appear in a photographic shoot for Eurostar. Those selected will be paid £250 for a 1 day shoot.


Appear in a TV commercial in Portugal 
Attractive males and females required to appear in a TV commercial to be shot in Portugal. Those selected will be flown to Portugal and paid £350 for the day (plus all expenses will be paid).


Earn £200 and appear in a music video 
1 male needed, 5ft 4 to 5ft 9 and able to street dance. Also 6 males & females of all nationalities required - aged 13 to 24 (again, must be able to street dance).


How would you like the BBC to help you buy your first home?
Are you a young professional who lives in Edinburgh? Are you a first time property buyer earning more than £25k a year? Do you have at least £5,000 to lay down as deposit? If you are happy to co-buy and are looking for the perfect person to own with then the makers of the BBC programme 'Come Buy With Me' want to hear from you.


Big Brother 6 needs dedicated fans to appear as VIP guests for the new series
Do you know everything there is to know about BB? If so the producers of a new show called "Big Brother's Big Mouth" want to hear from you. They are looking for the funniest, sharpest Big Brother fans. You could be invited to appear as a VIP guest on the biggest and best BB fan-based discussion show. You must be aged 16 or over to take part.


ITV's Holiday Showdown programme is looking for confident families who really enjoy their holidays.
Are you proud enough of your family holiday to see how it stands up against other families' holidays? If you'd like a chance to show everyone how great or unusual or extraordinary your holidays are and can be available for 10 days in July/August this year, get in touch and tell the producers what's so great about your family holidays!


Would you like to appear in Channel 4's Wife Swap?
Channel 4's hit series about family life is back and the producers are looking for outgoing families to star in the new series! Lively families who have something to say and are up for a challenge are required.


Earn £75 and appear as an extra in a dance pop promo
30 males and females of all ethnic types aged between 18 - 25yrs, (height 5ft7 - 6ft1 with a slim build) are required to appear in a pop video to be shot in London. The fee for the day is £75 for those selected.



Another Company similar to is who are always looking for Male & Female Models but once again you have to pay to join their register but i have no idea if you will get any work from it, there is never any guarantee in this type of Business.


Modelling is like acting! - you may appear in Eastenders for 10 years and then suddenly get written out of the programme and not be seen again for years!



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